Who We Are

Dr. Nathaniel L. Cohen  ScD   President and CEO

Sixty years as a professional engineer, doing a wide range of research, development and manufacturing. Some of the highlights are listed below

CimeXterminator® is the result of a lifetime of cutting edge involvement by Dr. Nathaniel Cohen, the inventor, in some of the advancing technologies that are shaping and protecting our world. His Research and Development activities have contributed significantly to improvements to radar, sonar, facsimile, and communication systems. Microwave antennas have been incorporated into advanced systems developed for USAF and US Navy. Important contributions were made in the field of Anti-Submarine Warfare. Cooperative studies with TVA, Bell Laboratories, American Power and Light resulted in improvement and modernization of facsimile communications. Awarded numerous US patents in a variety of technical fields.

His expertise, now as applied to the CimeXterminator system, derives from a successful career of bringing engineering and science to real-world applications. 

He now seeks the right team to quickly move forward to solve the vexing problem that globalization now adds to the problems of bedbugs. Solving this problem for the hospitality, transportation and health industries not to mention the general public, underwrites the prospects of a significant global marketing opportunity. 


Sidney Wildesmith / Director of Business Development

Sidney has over 30 years as a creative facilitator who "helps people people make things happen." He brings his creative thinking allied with skills in media, design and marketing, in which he has been a thought leader for years, to CimeXterminator.

Sidney has partipated in tech development startups for years including with the company that developed the first erasable CD for data storage. He has run his own retail businesses including antiquarian bookstores specializing in children's books, his own galleries showint his and other artists work. He serves on the Board of the San Diego Inventors Forum, one of the nation's leading Inventor hubs. He is long-standing voice and supporter of the cleantech industry through which he founded. He has been the host and producer of over 250 long-form radio shows featuring interviews with the world's leading nature and environmental leaders. As a significant participant in the efforts to provide a sustainable future not only to the US but the world, he has inspired literally hundreds of thousands of people to treasure their National Parks as he served as Artist-In-Residence in 8 National Parks including Yellowstone, Yosemite and Redwood National Parks.

With over 300 videos in production for clients from the corporate, non-profit and entertainment sectors, his creative video productions have been viewed by over a half million people.

Sidney lives in San Diego, CA.

CimeXTerminator® has been granted U.S. Patent 8,943,744