Microwaves kill bedbugs better. . . faster . . . and cheaper.

Currently, the pest control industry generates over 7 billion dollars annually of which close to 1 billion is spent on fighting bedbugs. As bedbug infestations continute to rise, existing approaches which rely primarily on heat and require extensive preparation and treatment times continue to frustrate clients who want a more efficient and cost effective treatment system.

CimeXterminator's focused microwave beam system provides a quicker and more cost effective alternative to existing strategies.

CimeXterminator kills bedbugs by heating them from the inside using the same basic technology as home microwave ovens which penetrate and cook extremely fast and efficiently. As well, the system requires significantly less prep time and leaves no harmful residues, unlike treatments with pesticides.

CimeXterminator's portability and expandability directly addresses the needs of homeowners, hotels, libraries, and low-income housing where bedbug infestations do the greatest harm. As well, the system is highly adaptable to applications in the military from housing, ships and remote sites.

Summarizing: CimeXterminator:

      > reduces the extensive preparation time required for general room heat treatments as it eliminates the damaging effects of extented heat treatments on personal items e.g. books, furnture and office and household items

      > is competitively priced

      > reduces treatment time from 4-6 hours per room using traditional heat systems down to 1-2 hours

      > does not damage personal items e.g. books, furnture and office and household items

      > leaves absolutely no residue which can cause potential health risks and concerns as with pesticide treatments.

        CimeXterminator seeks strategic alliances with companies that can:

          • conduct preliminary product development and testing
          • create working prototypes
          • manufacture
          • exhibit sales and marketing experience

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CimeXTerminator® has been granted U.S. Patent 8,943,744