Development Opportunities

CimeXterminator is developing this new application using existing technology that promises to provide an efficient and cost effective system to fight the bedbud menace.

CimeXterminator is seeking a qualified partner to develop the prototype for proof of principal and demonstration test results.

CimeXterminator intends to promote licensing agreements with key national and worldwide manufactureres and distributors.

CimeXterminator is Trademarked and has been awarded a US Patent.

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Product Development Partner

R & D Requirements: microwave prototype design capabilities and testing, allied with a consulting entomologist.

Marketing Opportunity Worldwide in scope.

Initial Market Professional exterminator businesses.

Secondary Markets Direct users, such as:

    • hospitality industries (hotels, resorts, spas)
    • military bases and posts
    • transport industries (air, bus, train, ships)
    • schools (public, private, universities, libraries)
    • offices (small to large)
    • hospitals
    • and many more applications . . .
CimeXTerminator® has been granted U.S. Patent 8,943,744